yoga poses for PMS relief

  PMS is one of the most difficult phase that every girl has to bear every month. PMS comes with lots of pain, anxiety, cramps, acnes and discomfort. I  remember when my mom told me about periods she only mentioned that there are 3-4 days on which you'll bleed and have cramps. I was told the same by everyone around me. No one told me about PMS, the pain and sufferings along with it. I'm sure you also experienced it yourself with time. Every problem has a solution. I believe there is no better solution than doing yoga for any health disorder or a disease. Yoga and exercises at home have helped me to reduce period pain and ofcourse the cruel premenstrual symptoms too. PMS is not much prevalent in younger teens. The symptoms start showing up in older teens and early 20s of a girl. If not looked upon the hormonal changes occuring every month the symptoms worsens with age and the women in their 40s experiences the worst of the worsts PMS. YOGA undoubtedly has very effective results

DIY face serum for oily skin

Face serum helps to give a glowy skin instantly and helps to reduce blemishes. 
Quarantine have resulted in binge eating for all of us which leads to many skin problems.

Here are the steps for DIY face serum which will help you in getting a smooth and glowy skin. 

1. Take a clean container or a small bowl. 

2. Add 2 tablespoons of aloevera gel. 

 So, for aloevera gel I use this Vrikshesh fresh natural homemade pure aloevera gel. It soothes my skin perfectly and make it soft and smooth.  Also it prevents acne and other skin problems too. It is 100% pure aloevera gel. The best part is that it is homemade and natural. I am extremely loving this product and I think you should also try this aloevera gel. 

You can place your order through

3. Add 1 table spoons of rose water to it. 

Dabur Gulabari is one of the best rosewater and I have been using this since 2013. You can get it from your local pharmacy shop or you can order from AmazonFlipkart, and Nykaa

4. Then squeeze half a lemon into it. 

5. Stir the mixture well.
6.Add 2-3 drops of tea tree oil. 

I use this instante tea tree oil from Essensual. This is the best and very effective tea tree oil I have ever used. My mother got it from a pharmacy shop nearby. This helps in treating my shoulder acnes as well. This has to be diluted with coconut oil if you want to treat acnes. In this serum only 2-3 drops are enough. You can have your hands on this amazing tea tree oil from AmazonFlipkart

Voila! The face serum ready.
Apply this serum on your face and massage it all over your face. 

This serum can be used at night before sleeping and also after waking up. Don't wash your face after applying it. 
I hope you like this serum and will  definitely going to try this out. 
I wish my readers all the happiness and joy. Lots of love to you guys! 


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