yoga poses for PMS relief

  PMS is one of the most difficult phase that every girl has to bear every month. PMS comes with lots of pain, anxiety, cramps, acnes and discomfort. I  remember when my mom told me about periods she only mentioned that there are 3-4 days on which you'll bleed and have cramps. I was told the same by everyone around me. No one told me about PMS, the pain and sufferings along with it. I'm sure you also experienced it yourself with time. Every problem has a solution. I believe there is no better solution than doing yoga for any health disorder or a disease. Yoga and exercises at home have helped me to reduce period pain and ofcourse the cruel premenstrual symptoms too. PMS is not much prevalent in younger teens. The symptoms start showing up in older teens and early 20s of a girl. If not looked upon the hormonal changes occuring every month the symptoms worsens with age and the women in their 40s experiences the worst of the worsts PMS. YOGA undoubtedly has very effective results

Quarantine photoshoot ideas

Quarantine is getting boring for all of us who are not working from home. To spice up your quarantine days, I have come up with some fun photoshoot ideas that are interesting and creative at the same time. I am sharing some of the aesthetic images in this blog that will help you to have sample pictures with you.

Props and backgrounds can make your pictures look 100 times better. So without wasting any more seconds, lets just get on to the list of the ideas to be created at home:


1. Newspaper: Newspaper backgrounds creates a perfect retro vibe in a picture. It highlights the object or a person in a simple yet chic way. Newspapers are easily available in homes which gives an aesthetic vibe to your pictures. Here are some sample pictures of newspapers as background.

2. White backdrops: White helps to pop up the colors of the object or person. To be honest, creating a white background is not a difficult task. Everyone has a white cloth, a bed sheet type of material in their homes. You just have to tuck the white cloth with a nail or just attach the white backdrop with clips or safety pins with a curtain or a cloth nearby and you're good to go. Have a look on these sample images.

3. Chips wrapper backdrops: Wrappers of chips are waste for some people but a creative mind can have them as the backdrop for clicking pictures. You just have to join the wrappers and make a collage sort of a thing and paste it on a wall for a colourful background. That sounds crazy but trust me the wrappers are so vibrant which makes the pictures look so eye catching and and high-spirited. The idea is demonstrated in the following pictures.

4. Sky: You have already seen a lot of pictures with sky as a background on instagram. Sky as background adds a natural look to your pictures. The sunlight or the daylight is far better than the flash lights and we all agree to it. You can just go to your house's rooftop and adjust your camera in such a way that the sky covers the screen. Once you are set up with the blue sky, you can now pose in front of the camera. This is easy for having a self timer photoshoot. I hope you get the point for how to use sky as a background now. Let's have a look upon sample images for this.

5. Books: Books add knowledge to your life and creativity to your pictures. Books are your best friends and i completely agree to this statement. Books can be used as a background as well as a prop. What you have to do is open the books and just arrange them in a sequence on the floor or on the bed. Then lay down on them pretending that you have been studied all night for an exam. The pictures come out to be so sober and so vintage. You can yourself see in the sample pictures below.

You can also sit and surround yourself with books as shown in the next image which makes a sunflower of books and i think that will add more creativity.

PRO TIP: If you are doing this photoshoot alone, you can turn on the self timer in your phone or camera and just place it on the fan in horizontal position. Before the timer ends adjust yourself in the frame. I hope this would be a helpful tip. 


1. Fruit: How about clicking pictures with your favourite fruit? It sounds so cool and so fresh. Holding a fruit in hand and just posing with it is a simple yet the most creative way of using fruit as a prop.By seeing the following images you'll get my point.

2. Mesh clothes: Crochet or mesh clothes helps to create some masterpiece pictures. You just have to cover yourself and your camera with the cloth and click pictures. The light from the small holes makes a pattern on the face which seems to be very mesmerizing. Also these type of cloth material are easy to find at home. Some stupendous sample images are here.

3. Bubbles: Blowing bubbles is all the way a fun thing to do. What if you click a picture while blowing bubbles? Bubble solution can be made in home easily by making soap and water solution. All you have to do is to take a small metallic wire and create a loop out of it. This loop when dipped in soap solution and blown will create bubbles. If you are having the bubble bottle with you, then it's very easy to create pictures and if not, you can make your own DIY bubble solution and loop. Now just look at some pictures full of bubbles and happiness.

4. Flame: You can use candles and lighters to light up your pictures. This has to be done very carefully and with a lot of patience. You have to use flame carefully as it might lead to some mishappening. Everything when done with extra care and patience produces great results and so does pictures with the flame. Look upon these samples.

5. Cards: We all have played cards in our free time with family and friends. Now it's time to create something productive out of those cards. Have a look upon how play cards can become so creative.

I hope you enjoyed this blog and got some ideas for your next instagram pictures. If you have read it till here, make sure you follow and subscribe to my blogs. Also, you can comment to let me know your ideas related to creative photoshoots. 

                  I hope you all are safe and healthy at your home. Make sure you sanitize and keep up with the cleanliness.
               If you want to connect to me, i'm linking my instagram on the top and mail below. Thank you lovelies for reading it till here. I wish you lots of love and happiness!


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